Bishop John Bradosky Invites Church to Lutheran Week 2019

It is my pleasure to take a moment to encourage you to come to Lutheran Week this year, from August 5-9 in Indianapolis, Indiana. It’s going to be an exciting week together. Our theological conference for the Braaten-Benne Lectures is going to focus on the Holy Spirit: Walking by the Spirit through the Fruit of the Spirit. We know that you’re going to see that manifest in a whole variety of ways, but in addition to all the presentations and our meeting time together, this is an important election year—time to elect a new bishop for the North American Lutheran Church. We’re also going to be discerning nominees for the Executive Council and the Court of Adjudication, and all the paperwork for these nominees is due by May 3rd for publication and distribution. We want our congregations to continue to take time to carefully discern who best to lead us into that future—God’s preferred future for us in the North American Lutheran Church. I look forward to this time of ending one chapter in my life as I begin another, and as the NALC begins another exciting chapter in our life together throughout this election process and all that these new years will bring. Thank you and I look forward to seeing you this August.

—Bishop John Bradosky

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