Nominees for Executive Council, Court of Adjudication and Board of Regents Announced

The 2022 Nominating Committee presents the candidates named below for positions to be elected at the August Mission Convocation. We believe that all the individuals named are qualified and would do well in their service if elected.

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During the interim between convocations, the Executive Council shall implement the work and policies of the NALC and shall act for the NALC, subject in all matters to review of its actions by subsequent convocations.

This year the convocation elects one pastor and one layperson to the Executive Council for three-year terms. 

The nominees for the clergy position of Executive Council are:

  • The Rev. Tony Ede, First Evangelical Lutheran Church — Manchester, Iowa; nominated by Norway Lutheran Church, St. Olaf, Iowa

  • The Rev. Dr. Franklin J. Gore, Epiphany Lutheran Church — Pensacola, Florida; nominated by Epiphany Lutheran Church, Pensacola, Florida

  • The Rev. William A. Hartfelder, Grace Evangelical Lutheran Church — Westerville, Ohio; nominated by St. John’s Lutheran Church, Kittanning, Pennsylvania

  • The Rev. Theresa A. Jacobson, Grace Lutheran Church — Thornville, Ohio; nominated by Our Savior’s Lutheran Church, Menno, South Dakota

  • The Rev. Christopher Porter, Lebanon Lutheran Church — Lebanon Church, Virginia; nominated by Lebanon Lutheran Church, Lebanon Church, Virginia

The nominees for the lay position on Executive Council are:

  • Joshua Corey, St. Stephen Lutheran Church — Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; nominated by St. Stephen Lutheran Church, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
  • Dr. Michael Shasberger, Prince of Peace Lutheran Church — Santa Barbara, California; nominated by Prince of Peace Lutheran Church, Santa Barbara, California

  • Mr. Jerry Roehr, St. Peter’s Evangelical Lutheran Church — Winnipeg, Manitoba; nominated by St. Peter’s Evangelical Lutheran Church, Winnipeg, Manitoba

The Court of Adjudication has jurisdiction to decide appeals from disciplinary decision, questions regarding interpretation of the NALC’s governing documents, and claims that any person, body or entity has violated the governing documents of the NALC.

This year two individuals, clergy or lay, will be elected to a three-year term on the Court of Adjudication. 

The nominees for the Court of Adjudication are:

  • The Rev. Dr. George E. Black, Our Savior Lutheran Church — Auburn, California; nominated by St. John’s, Montpelier, Ohio

  • The Rev. John Moffett, Trinity Lutheran Church — Ashland, Ohio; nominated by St. John’s Lutheran Church, North Woodbury, Ohio

  • The Rev. Ronald Hoyum, Port Madison Lutheran Church — Bainbridge Island; nominated by Port Madison Lutheran Church, Bainbridge Island, Washington

  • The Rev. Dr. David E. Schafer, Old East Paint Creek Lutheran Church — Waterville, Iowa; nominated by Emmanuel Lutheran Church, Grafton, Iowa

The NALS Board of Regents is a group of 9 to 12 people who commit their time and talents to act as the governing body of the North American Lutheran Seminary (NALS). Among their numerous duties, the Board of Regents appoints, advises and evaluates the president of the NALS, and also determines the hiring of faculty members and staff persons.

This year three persons, lay or clergy, will be elected to a five-year term.

The nominees for the Board of Regents are:

  • Mrs. Lynnae E. Douglas, Emmanuel Evangelical Lutheran Church — Export, Pennsylvania; nominated by Emmanuel Evangelical Lutheran Church, Export, Pennsylvania

  • The Rev. Dr. Stephane M. Kalonji, St. Paul Lutheran Church — Rosenberg, Texas; nominated by St. Paul Lutheran Church, Rosenberg, Texas

  • Mr. Roger Weyersberg, Redeemer Lutheran Church — Owosso, Michigan; nominated by Redeemer Lutheran Church, Owosso, Michigan

  • Mr. Richard Jansak, Holy Trinity Lutheran Church — Gastonia, North Carolina; nominated by Holy Trinity Lutheran Church, Gastonia, North Carolina



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