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Pre-Mission Convocation Discussion Forums

In order to answer any questions you may have prior to the Mission Convocation, NALC leaders are hosting the following discussion forums. Join us on any of the following dates over Gotomeeting.

2020 Nominees for Executive Council, Court of Adjudication and Board of Regents Announced

The 2020 Nominating Committee presents the candidates named below for positions to be elected at the August Mission Convocation. We believe that all the individuals named are qualified and would do well in their service if elected.

2020 Proposed Constitutional Amendments

The NALC Executive Council met online on April 28-29 and voted to propose to the 2020 Convocation amendments to the NALC Constitution in three areas: 1) move from an annual to a biennial convocation; 2) name regional subdivisions of the NALC as Mission Districts; and 3) clarify the process by which the Executive Council apportions more lay delegates to the convocation so there is approximately an equal number of lay and clergy delegates.