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Join us for several upcoming discussions to learn more!

Leading up to Lutheran Week 2021, NALC leaders will be hosting virtual discussion forums. These forums will have short presentations, and are an

Structuring Plan

Greetings to the leaders of The North American Lutheran Church,  The NALC has a commission for mission. The About Us section of our website sums this

Building a Culture of Generosity in our Congregations — Join us for RESET, a workshop hosted by the Living and Giving Stewardship Team

Is it possible to change the culture of giving in your congregation? Yes! Though first, one has to understand one’s own relationship to

Youth Ministry Workshops to take the place of youth symposium during Lutheran Week 2021

There is no youth ministry symposium at Lutheran Week this year — at least not as it has appeared in the past. This year

2021 Nominees for Executive Council and Court of Adjudication

The 2021 Nominating Committee presents the candidates named below for positions to be elected at the August Mission Convocation. We believe that all the individuals named are qualified and would do well in their service if elected.

Speakers Announced for Braaten-Benne Lectures

The speakers have been announced for the 2021 Carl E. Braaten and Robert D. Benne Lectures in Theology. The annual theological conference, held

2021 Proposed Constitutional Amendment

PROPOSED AMENDMENT TO ARTICLE 11 2021 Convocation of the North American Lutheran Church The 2020 Convocation voted to postpone proposed amendments to Article