The Rev. Carol Fryer

Mission Specialist, NALC,

The Rev. Carol Fryer lives in New York City where she also serves as Pastoral Associate (non-stipendiary) at Immanuel Lutheran Church in New York City along with her husband, Rev. Gregory P. Fryer, who has served Immanuel since 1991. She began her ministry there in August of 2019.

Pastor Fryer’s previous call was to United Lutheran Church of Mount Vernon, NY, and Wartburg (a residential community for the elderly) where she was the Director of Spiritual Care and Church Relations. She served there for twelve years. Prior to coming to Wartburg Pastor Fryer was the Assistant Pastor at Saint Peter’s Church in New York City for thirteen years. Ordained in 1985, her first call was to the Stewartstown Lutheran Parish in south central Pennsylvania as co-pastor with her husband, Gregory Fryer.

Pastor Fryer is a graduate of the Lutheran Theological Seminary in Gettysburg, PA in 1985. In 2001 she received an STM (Master of Sacred Theology) in Spiritual Direction from the Center for Christian Spirituality at The General Seminary of the Episcopal Church in New York City. She serves as a spiritual director for both individuals and groups.


Mission Convocation


Date published

July 21, 2023