2021 Nominees for Executive Council and Court of Adjudication

The 2021 Nominating Committee presents the candidates named below for positions to be elected at the August Mission Convocation. We believe that all the individuals named are qualified and would do well in their service if elected.

Seeking nominations for the Executive Council and Court of Adjudication: Nomination Deadline is June 16

Dear NALC Congregations,

We are sending this request to all congregations in the NALC. Nominations are still being sought for positions on the Executive Council and the Court of Adjudication for election at our 2021 NALC Mission Convocation. We are seeking one clergy and one lay person to serve a four-year term on the Executive Council. The Executive Council serves as the Board of Directors for the NALC, providing leadership for the church between the biennial convocations. We are also seeking two candidates (lay or clergy) for a four-year term on the Court of Adjudication. The Court of Adjudication hears appeals from disciplinary decisions; resolves questions of interpretation of NALC governing documents; and decides claims that a person or entity has violated these governing documents. Persons with legal experience would prove valuable on the court.

Pastors, please communicate the need for nominees to your congregational members in whatever manner you feel would be most effective. After securing the candidate’s permission, a NALC congregation may submit a candidate for nomination. The nomination form and the nominee biographical information form are available on the NALC website — thenalc.org/nominate. Nominations can be submitted at [email protected]The final deadline for submitting nominations is June 16.

More information about Church Governance can be found on the NALC website or by contacting the Chairperson of the NALC Nominating Committee:

The Rev. Hugh Brewer
PO Box 562, Lennox, SD 57039

Thank you for your participation in securing candidates for these important positions.

The Rev. Hugh Brewer
Chair, 2021 Nominating Committee
North American Lutheran Church

2021 Proposed Constitutional Amendment


2021 Convocation of the North American Lutheran Church

The 2020 Convocation voted to postpone proposed amendments to Article 11, Regional Subdivisions, of the NALC Constitution. The amendments proposed last year would have named Mission Districts as the regional subdivisions.

There was support for naming them as Mission Districts. The reason for postponing consideration of the amendments was to revise the amendments so the Constitution clearly allows for Mission Districts to form mission regions. Several mission regions have already been formed in the NALC.

In light of the reasons for postponing the amendments to Article 11, the Executive Council proposes the following constitutional amendments to the 2021 Convocation:

11.01 Congregations shall join in collaboration as Mission Districts to fulfill most effectively the ministry and mission of the NALC, normally based on common geographic boundaries. Mission Districts may form Mission Regions for more effective ministry and mission as needed. Mission Regions shall have such organizational form and functions as shall be determined by the constituting Mission Districts. Such organization shall be done in consultation with the Bishop and subject to the approval of the Executive Council.

11.02 Each regional group Mission District of congregations shall adopt appropriate governing documents that are consistent with the governing documents and practice of the NALC and shall include election of a Dean, adoption of a budget, and provision for supervision, mutual support of member congregations, and procedures necessary for carrying out its mission and ministry.

11.03 The Deans, who shall be ordained ministers of the NALC, shall be accountable to the Bishop and work with the Bishop by conducting similar functions in their respective areas Mission Districts. Deans shall serve as pastor to ordained ministers, their families, and congregations, and will conduct a ministry of teaching and visitation with ordained ministers and congregations. Deans may continue to serve under the call of a congregation.